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Saving Money while increasing net operating income.

The valet trash amenity not only adds revenue to communities, but saves money in several different ways. Asset protection, dumpster / trash compactor logistics and plenty more.

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Allowing residents to take out their own trash gives opportunity for bags to drip or even rip on carpets in transit. This causes stains and smells that require carpet cleaning.  Our Valets carry leak proof receptacles that elimanate this problem thus reduces the need for carpet cleaning.   


Breezways also require regular cleaning and pressuring washing due to dripping trash bags. Let the professionals handle the garbage so this doesn't happen with our leak proof receptacles. Therefore saving properties money on costly services. 

Compactor/ Dumpster

On average trash compactors are hauled away 2 to 4 times a month.  We keep track if your community is hauling away half empty compactors  and even if dumping service is missed. Communities can save money by reducing the frequency of dumpster service when it is not needed. We track and monitor your dumpster/ compactor needs.

Maintenance Staff

Keep the property's maintenance crew away from the trash. This allows your certified techs time to tend to services calls. Improving resident satisfaction and reducing tenant turnover rate. 

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Pest Contro

Do you have a pest control problem due to trash? Are residents leaving trash in non-designated areas? A trash room filled with old garbage? These issues breeds insects and unwanted animals. Stay ahead of the vermin with Valet trash service and lower the need to call pest control.  

Crime Deterrent 

Valets are on the property servicing the community at late night hours. During these times property managers are not at the community but we are. Crime is now less likely to occur because our Valets are out deterring criminals from breaking into vehicles, apartments,  the club house , the rental office and/or even vandalizing the community.

The Valet Trash amenity increases net operating income for properties immediately with no investment. This is the only amenity that creates revenue, it is a competitive marketing tool and increases resident retention. Be ahead of the trend with Valet trash and increase profits.

Pet Waste Stations

For the animal lover at your community!

The National Multi-Family Housing Council reports pet owners will spend 60 billion dollars on their pets this year alone. 33 percent of those consumers are apartment renters. Dog parks and dog washing areas are a growing and attractive amenity that residents with pets love to use.

Innovative Waste will provide and install the pet waste station of your choice at your community. The daily disposal of waste station bags makes it convenient for all those involved.   

Innovative Waste Valets

Innovative Waste runs a full background check on all of our employees. Insuring only the safest and capable Valets on your property maintaining its cleanliness. 

What are customers are saying

Valet trash is the number one requested amenity among residents!

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