Simple, Easy, Clean

Servicing your community one door at a time!

Step Three

Our Valets takes care of the trash!

Step Two

Residents places trash can outside of their front door.

Step One:

Residents tie their trash bag.

Valet Trash Preparation  

  • Tie bags and place inside the provided 13 gallon container. 
  • Double bag pet waste
  • No broken glass or sharp objects
  • No loose trash
  •  No bags over over 25lbs
  • No oversized items: large boxes, Tv's, furniture etc.

Trash Container 

  • Each unit will have a container provided by Innovative Waste. Place container outside your door between 6pm - 8pm. on nights of scheduled service
  • Bring in your container by 9am the next day
  • If a container is left outside during the day it may result in a violation. 

No valet trash Service on 

  • Christmas eve/day
  • New Years eve/day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • During extreme inclement weather

Benefits of Valet Trash 

  • No more long walks at night to dump trash
  • Convient trash collection at your front door
  • Great for senior or disabled tenants 
  • Each unit provided their own container

Recycling Program

Recycling service is offered for residents who want to lower their carbon footprint. An additional container is provided for this environmental friendly service.