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Doorstep Collection

What is valet trash  

Valet trash is a door to door trash collection service for multi-family communities.  It is an innovative  approach to waste management that eliminates the carrying of heavy trash down flights of stairs for residents. While also increasing net operating income for owners and management. 

How it works

Residents place the trash can in front of their doors at specified times. We remove the trash bags in our leak proof receptacles. Then place the trash bags in the on-site dumpster or trash compactors. 


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Locally Managed

Fully Insured

Easily Integrated

Benefits to Property Managers

  • Increases Net Operating Income
  • Increases property  occupancy rate
  • Maintenance staff left to focus on work orders
  • Marketing competitive advantage
  • Produces a cleaner community
  • No trash out during leasing hours
  • Reduced turnover rate
  • Cleaner dumpster areas
  • Added amenity for sales agents to use

Benefits to Residents

  • No nighttime walks to the dumpster
  • A trash can provided for each unit
  • Trash collection from your front door
  • No need to transport trash in or on personal vehicles 
  • Helpful for older residents
  • No inclement weather to deal with
  • Crime deterrent. Porters on property during late night hours

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